WinDeskAngel 1.4

Customize your desktop's icons look and feel by adding several amusing effects
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WinDeskAngel is a very amusing software tool by means of which you can easily customize and change your Windows desktop's icons look and feel by adding different kinds of effects and animations. WinDeskAngel allows you to create lots of effect combinations that will permit you to have a really personalized desktop.

This program does not require any previous configuration - you can start playing with the effects it provides as soon as you install it. Its pleasant and simple interface shows you all the necessary elements grouped under three categories - Text effects, Rectangle effects and Icon animations. The first category will let you choose among any of the predefined schemes - hidden text, normal text, normal shadow text, weight shadow text, blue sunken text, blue raised text, violet sunken text, violet raised text, light-yellow light text, blue light text and violet cloud text. Here you can also select whether to hide the icon's text (option called "Desktop Text Cloak"), whether the desktop text backgrounds should be transparent, and choose among several text shadow styles (like normal or weight shadow), and light, sunken, raised, and cloud effects. In addition, you are allowed to select the desktop text color from a predefined palette or create your own customized one.

The Rectangle effects category allows you to choose among several effect styles for the surrounding rectangular area of the icon's text. Here you may also select the Effect style, define the background and border colors, set the transparency level, and choose if the previous configuration should also affect the icon or not. Finally, on the Icon animation category you can choose an animation file to replace any individual icon on the desktop, and tell the program if this animation must be played back all the time or only when you place the mouse over the icon in question.

The program offers an additional section where you can set all the general parameters related to the program's user interface, the system, or the quitting mode. This program provides all the effects it promises, and you will find it very interesting if you happen to be bored with your traditional Windows desktop's appearance.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Light and easy to use
  • Pleasant and simple interface
  • Allows you to create numerous effect combinations to customize your desktop
  • Allows you to hide its interface, but keeps running on the SysTray


  • The unregistered version will automatically stop after 3 hours of usage
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